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Welcome to AirSpace.

Wooden floor, industrial lighting, minimalist furniture. Pictures of happy customers are on the wall, you make yourself comfortable and you ask for the Wifi password. Then, depending on the time of day, you will be served a perfect latte, a healthy meal or some avocado toasts. You are in THE trendy place, your Foursquare app told you. You are in Tokyo, last week you were in New York, but it is like you never changed place. Welcome to AirSpace.

Kyle Chayka has defined the term “Airspace” in his article Welcome to Airspace published on The Verge last August. The AirSpace, it is this “strange geography generated by technology” that “shares the same sterile aesthetics”. It is the “new home of digital nomads: we travel without even noticing we changed country.

Today, social networks, apps and digital technology dictate behaviours. People interact within the same virtual space in which they learn to “see, feel and desire the same things”. The standards of cool, comfort and quality are standardized.

Technology tells us where to go, what to do and what to wear. And this globalization of taste impoverishes diversity.

AirBNB, studied by Kyle Chayka in his paper, is a case study. Founded in 2008, the website is now offering more than 2 million types of housing in more than 190 countries. What was at first an authentic experience and a nice alternative to the hotel is now becoming a catalogue of similar apartments. The goal? Feeling at home everywhere in the world. Instagram, Pinterest and others are not left behind in this homogenization phenomenon.

Do these criteria apply to passing fashions as they appear and disappear over generations? According to Kyle Chayka, it is a much bigger phenomenon. This isolationism of style makes a difference between those that are fashionable and the others that are not.

klokers, with its innovative vision of time, singular design and interchangeable range of accessories, invites you to resist this homogenization of styles, to go beyond conventions and to assert your personality and your diversity.

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