Watch straps


klokers is presently going through a reorganisation of its supply chain. We do apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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The klokers straps are interchangeable and compatible with all the brand's watch heads because they integrate a patented fixing system located in the centre of the bracelet, which we call the klokers key. This key makes the strap interchangeable and complementary to the other accessories of the brand.
klokers allows you to create your own style. Our bracelet collection includes bracelets in Milanese mesh, textile, genuine leather, synthetic leather and Alcantara. 
klokers offers interchangeable bracelets, but also less common interchangeable accessories that bring a unique style to your watch.
You can then wear your watch on your wrist by choosing our Milanese mesh strap, our leather straps or our textile straps. Or, you can opt for a less classic style and fall for the Desk&Pocket, the KLIP, or the KWEL jewel bracelet.
The possibilities are multiplied, allowing you to choose the bracelets and accessories that match your personality and style.
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