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The klokers’ watches swiss made are watch-heads that are fixed on interchangeable straps through a patented fixing system, the klokers’ key. Far beyond only offering watches with interchangeable bracelets, klokers goes even further by also offering interchangeable accessories. The combinations - of watch heads, straps, accessories, materials, colours, etc. - and uses- on your wrist, in your pocket, on your desk, etc. - are virtually endless.


The klokers watch is not only a watch with interchangeable straps, but much more...

The klokers’ watches are watches with interchangeable straps. There are different straps which differ in terms of colors, materials, and shapes. The klokers’ straps are interchangeable as the klokers key has been integrated: a patented fixing system that allows the watch-head to be clipped on and off the strap in one single gesture. All straps are then compatible with all the klokers’ watch-head.

But klokers is about much more than only that. While traditional watches are exclusively worn around the wrist, the klokers head off the beaten path: they go from the wrist to the notebook, from the jacket pocket to the pants pocket, from the bag to the desk… A child play to mix uses and colors! klokers offers a wide range of independent, interchangeable and, complementary products to create your style and live your time. klokers now sells the watch-head by itself.The watch-head is the central element of the brand’s universe around which all straps and accessories gravitate.


The klokers watch, an original design

Although it has become a universal standard to read the time using hands or numbers, klokers has come up with a very different solution: each item in the collection offers a new way to tell the time and puts back some movement into the dial.

The KLOK-01 watch, the brand's first model, is available in three colors: yellow, blue, and grey. This 44-diameter watch will seduce both men and women with its singular and original design and way of telling the time: KLOK-01 displays the time along a fixed vertical axis. Three discs, one respectively for hours, minutes, and seconds rotate counterclockwise at different speeds making the dial a true symphony of movement (patent pending).

The KLOK-08 model, currently on preorder, displays two disks that rotate counterclockwise to indicate time along the vertical axis at noon. Its 39mm-diameter is perfect for smaller wrists. KLOK-08 watch is available in three colors:black and absinthe yellow dial with 316L stainless steel case ; white dial with rose gold plated 316L stainless steel case ; warm gray and orange dial with 316L stainless steel case.