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Many watch brands, some of them not very well-known, have brought to the watchmaking world a new approach and an original dial design that goes beyond traditional hands of a watch.

klokers takes these side paths by offering watches that are singular and remarkable for their design and features.

The common denominator of klokers is that they combine the ergonomics of time reading with a new look and feel, the most suitable for displaying their features.

Each of the klokers timepieces is inspired by emblematic objects or instruments. klokers plays with memory without being either outdated, nostalgic or vintage. But by being resolutely turned towards the future.

For this reason, each model refers to an original memento: the circular slide rule for KLOK-01 is one of the symbols of this. These objects are projected, transposed and metamorphosed in a contemporary stylistic exercise of “transitive design”.

klokers stands out because of its way of representing time, and beyond that, more personal time, your own time: displaying time in a less conventional way but without gratuitousness, and displaying the different times without playing with classic watchmaking mechanisms is a constant.

Like a brand signature, the time is displayed in a singular way and raises the question of the permanence of diary time and personal time.

Through the movement and the spectacle of time passing on the dial, klokers invites each and every one of us to re-consider the value of these passing moments.

Excellence rewarded

The Observateur du Design 2018 Label, which rewards a design and innovation approach, was awarded to the KLOK-01 watch and the klokers brand concept. 
This French prize, recognised internationally, reaffirmed the transversal positioning of the Franco-Swiss brand: between watchmaking, fashion and design.

The German Design Award 2019 in the category "Excellent Product Design / Luxury Goods", was awarded to Klokers for its klok-01 model and its innovative concept of interchangeability and unique time display.

The prize is awarded by a first-rate jury of experts, which each year identifies and honours uniquely designed products that make a significant and ground-breaking contribution to the German and international design scene.

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