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My red socks

I had a tantrum because I wasn’t wearing my red socks! In fact, my red socks matched perfectly with the ensign on the Swissair tailplane that we were due to take.  My father, who was normally calm, became very angry!

The colour of time running out

It’s never long before the traffic lights swing back around from green to red and bring traffic to a halt. Below, wannabe race cars rev their engines into the red. Racing past, a scarlet fire engine roars as it tears through the streets. Uniting urgency and emergency, the colour red compounds all the ways that time pressures us and our daily lives.  

« Happenstance »: being in the right place at the right time

Take the words -happen- and -circumstances-, and you have « happenstance ». Or the art of being in the right place at the right time.  It would seem intuition and chance are at the crossroads

How to adjust your Milanese strap?

You’ve just received your Milanese mesh strap and you wonder how to adjust it? It's very simple! You just need a small flat screwdriver (or similar object) and to follow the procedure.

Voluntary solitude

« Voluntary solitude » or the art of belonging to oneselfAlthough solitude is not only a contemporary consideration, its understanding really makes sense in our modern hyperconnected society. Voluntary solitude would invite us to live "the experience of freedom and criticism". 

The intoxication of the deep

Take a deep breath and dive... headlong into the fascinating sport of free-diving!
The records for this extreme sport are simply amazing: depth of 214 metres and holding breath for up to 11 minutes 35 seconds.