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A maternal bond that stands the test of time

In most countries, we celebrate Mothers’ Day in May. Even if we offer the same flowers year on year, our mothers welcome them with the same love and kindness as always.
Mother’s day is no recent invention: going back thousands of years, the Ancient Greeks celebrated Rhea  the mother of Zeus and all of the gods on Mount Olympus. Across the Adriatic, the Romans celebrated Mater Matuta, the goddess of dawn and childhood...

Brew time

In an allegory for our hectic world that sometimes seeks to slow things down, the Slow Coffee movement extols the virtues of filtering coffee slowly, just as it was always done in the past.
And what if the way we make coffee summarised the aspirations of our society? 

Quartz at all times

The electronic movement that appeared at the end of the 1960s remains the most popular on a worldwide scale.
Every trend functions reflects the principles of watchmaking, with a pendulum effect that suddenly propels something new to the fore, only to demolish it later. Thereafter, it will experience an endless coming and going based on the whims of any given era, returning and fading without ever really disappearing. 

Jazz time

Klokers adopts the feel and the colours of this musical genre in a resolutely stylish blue and black model.  
Through translation, dark thoughts – also known as “blue devils” in English -, simply became known as the blues in musical terms. The blue note in question – which originally implied a hint of darkness -, appeared during the 19th century in the southern United States.

The magical “blue hour”

At twilight, there are a few minutes during which the sky is both undefinable and remarkable.
It’s a very special moment, with its time changing every day, and is particularly visible in the springtime and autumn. Especially at high altitudes. In truth, it lasts for more like thirty minutes than sixty, as the evening falls...

What is your rhythm?

To get the rhythm into your soul. To live to the rhythm you want. To go through your natural rhythm. A cruising rhythm. To be in a good rhythm. The cardiac rhythm, the rhythm of a poem, the rhythm of life, the rhythm of time.
In our lives, it is everywhere. So how does it impact our everyday life? 
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