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Metabolism movement, architecture of its time

For many, many years, buildings had to stand up straight, follow perfect lines of convergence and repeat each floor exactly. This was the architectural rule, and it was carved in stone. Similar rules applied in watchmaking, where time had to always go in the same direction, had to be indicated by hands and had to use a mechanical geartrain. These analogue movements were the sole and dominant system in place until the arrival of the first quartz systems in the late 1960’s in Japan.

Masculine colours

At the gym, at the weekend or on holiday, on the ski slopes or at the beach, men are making the most of their down time to wear bright colours.

Nato, the summertime strap

Originally created for British soldiers, this fabric strap has been adapted to Klokers watches and is available in an extensive array of colours.

The mechanics of man

From their first toy to the latest racing car, men need to understand the inner workings of something before they’ll fall for it. And this applies of watches too.
Even as adults, men are still children at heart when it comes to their relationship with objects.

A maternal bond that stands the test of time

In most countries, we celebrate Mothers’ Day in May. Even if we offer the same flowers year on year, our mothers welcome them with the same love and kindness as always.
Mother’s day is no recent invention: going back thousands of years, the Ancient Greeks celebrated Rhea  the mother of Zeus and all of the gods on Mount Olympus. Across the Adriatic, the Romans celebrated Mater Matuta, the goddess of dawn and childhood...

Brew time

In an allegory for our hectic world that sometimes seeks to slow things down, the Slow Coffee movement extols the virtues of filtering coffee slowly, just as it was always done in the past.
And what if the way we make coffee summarised the aspirations of our society?