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A Barbie beneath the Christmas Tree, a not so innovative gift...

Juliette still remembers that famous December 25th, 1998 when, Father Christmas, left the coveted Barbie underneath the Christmas Tree.

Hypnagogy, a few oh so great minutes

Between the states of wakefulness and sleep, semi-consciousness prompts unusual sensory experiences.

In praise of the nap

More and more studies show that a rest period in the middle of the day increases cognitive and psychomotor performance.

A watch without hands, another way of telling time

Klokers' watches also stand out with their counter-clockwise rotating dials and the fixed index that replaces the traditional hands.

Time in contemporary art

At the Bourse du Commerce Pinault Collection, a new exhibition Une seconde d'éternité juxtaposes original and varied works that evoke the various dimensions of time.

The accessory that changes everything


Great shoes, a new belt or a piece of original jewellery are often enough to renew a look. This is the magic of accessories, championed by Klokers from day one, with its watches with interchangeable straps in an amazing range of materials and colours.