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Azzedine Alaïa, or taking time to design

We will mark three years since Azzedine Alaïa left us. But why are we talking about this stylist on the Klokers blog, when most of his portraits show him with a resolutely bare wrist? Because he is the perfect example of a contemporary designer who made a firm impression on his era and set his own rhythm.

A time of fairy tales

Sometimes, all we want to do is curl up by the fireside, leave the phone on flight mode and the TV on standby while we allow the hours to slip by. We could even settle in and listen to some stories - it would make a change from the never-ending stream of fake news.
Once upon a time... Story-telling is an art form, and not everybody has the skill to spin a good yarn

A time to act and a time to think

The key moment in the process was what was known as “exposure time”, a brief moment which held everything in the balance. This exposure time would be adjusted using a dial, whose typography has been reproduced on the KLOK-01 MINIMAL timepiece. In this way, Klokers pays homage to the classical art of photography through the latest model in the collection. 

The Brown Sisters: photographed every year for 40 years

From 1975 to 2014, American photographer Nicholas Nixon photographed the 4 sisters always in the same order, straight in the eye of the lens, using black and white.

Martine Franck, a time to talk

“A photo is a fragment of time which is lost forever”, according to photographer and anthropologist Martine Franck. While she has also been called in to immortalise celebrities, it’s her photos of the anonymous which provide richness and depth to her sensitive, forward-thinking opus.

My red socks

I had a tantrum because I wasn’t wearing my red socks! In fact, my red socks matched perfectly with the ensign on the Swissair tailplane that we were due to take.  My father, who was normally calm, became very angry!
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