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Nato, the summertime strap

05/07/2021 in Trends
Originally created for British soldiers, this fabric strap has been adapted to Klokers watches and is available in an extensive array of colours.
From the trench coat to ranger attire via the safari jacket, there are many items amongst the soldier’s panoply which have undergone an amazing conversion into the civil wardrobe. In terms of accessories, there are of course aviator glasses, and smaller but just as trendy, the woven nylon watch strap issued to British soldiers. Listed amongst the standard issue equipment of the NATO signatory countries, it is now referred to as the “Nato strap”.  
Originally, in 1973, this innovation met the specific needs of the British Ministry of Defence, which wanted to equip its troops with a new system for fastening their time-piece, something all-terrain and ultra-solid. On mission in the tropics, traditional leather straps were proving difficult to wear because of the heat, humidity and perspiration. And metal straps reflected light too much during day, attracting attention and danger to soldiers who risked being spotted as they tried to blend into the landscape. Additionally, all the existing versions with two points of attachment on either side of the dial multiplied the risks of losing one's beloved charm if one of the two spring bars, or even the third rod contained in the pin buckle, broke off in the heat of action or combat. 
The British army wanted a more reliable, one-piece watch fastening that fits over and under the case to protect it, in a new material that was strong, non-allergenic and skin-friendly. And Lo, the new fastening consisted of tightly woven nylon in BS4800 colour called “Admiralty Grey”, under the flags of her Majesty the Queen. A colour which is included, of course, in the Klokers offer, alongside a selection of twelve other colours ranging from timeless shades - navy, khaki,... - to more summery shades such as apricot orange, sky blue or midnight blue.  
The innovative watch brand has gone to great lengths to combine the key to its cases with this woven strap, which is very comfortable to wear in summer. And, more importantly, it makes it easier to change the strap to reflect evolving trends, even every day to reflect mood and attire. This interchangeability, honed by Klokers since 2013 through its patented fastening system, makes even more sense with the Nato range. And if some of you out there are die-hard fans of leather, alcantara or steel straps, the label offers 40 other references in fashionable shades for this summer. These 53 different interchangeable straps added to the 13 variants of the Klok-01 and the Klok-08 make no few than 689 possible options offered by Klokers today for wearing a watch that is like no other.
Text: Frédéric Martin-Bernard 
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