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Reconsidering appreciation of time...

06/09/2021 in Your time

Immanent, elusive, fundamental, time is a complex notion. Luckily, this blog post won’t answer the question « What is time?». Just exchanging ideas about time, which are not intended to be exhaustive or peremptory.

Let’s start by a little
trip back in time. In 1876, the geographer Sir Sandford Fleming proposed his idea to divide the world into twenty-four timezones. Purpose? Facilitating trade exchanges. Consequences? Internationalization of time. Timezones could have been the first line of global standardization of time, embodied in clocks.

But do clocks give time…?
Clocks give a measurement of time.

In the human history, the international adoption of timezones seems to be the transition between
solar time (which is weather and season-related) and mechanical time (time of clocks). Could this transition have led to this impression of acceleration of time some of us experience time to time? Can we reconsider the appreciation of our time in our super-connected and very-demanding society? Because in this world demanding constant attention, we are facing a paradox: we have never had so much free time, but we have never had so much this impression of running out of time.

The modern man is devoted to
the present moment, and constantly organizes, measures, quantifies time, its effectiveness and performance. And he plunges into the era of instantaneousness and immediacy (calls, text messages, multi-tasking, speed-dating, fast-fooding, etc.). But doesn’t he confuse instant with present? There is however a fundamental difference between living in the instantaneousness and living in the present.

klokers’ viewpoint, time deserves to be reconsidered; measurement of time is not time. It invites to find one’s own tempo. At klokers, reconsidering the appreciation of time involves an original animation and representation of it. An animation which does not involve performance and measure. Reconsidering time through rhythm and movement.

Materializing the inmaterial.
Indeed, there are several notions of time. Time is multi-dimensional, multi-cultural, polymorphic. Time is a combination of different facets which allow everyone to create one’s own representation.pasting.

It’s then time to create ours! 

Texte : Mady Jay
Photo : Unsplash @danieldandreti
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