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A bit of sunshine yellow in winter

28/10/2021 in Your time
Loaded with good vibes and lots of positive symbolism, this sunny colour makes an impact in the greyness of autumn outfits.
It’s like an unexpected second helping of summer holiday. Since heading back to school and the office, the days have already got much shorter. Red leaves are beginning to collect on the ground. And then a mild spell, sun that no longer fries the skin, an Indian summer. Whether it lasts for just a few days, a week or more, this break from the greyness of the end of October, beginning of November really gladdens the heart.
Just a few rays of sunshine and everything is wonderful again. As early as the beginning of the last century, a Danish doctor called Ryberg Finsen received the Nobel prize for medicine for his research into light radiation and its positive impact on some diseases. More recently, during the 1980s, American practitioners started to use light therapy to help treat seasonal depression. In 2005, the benefits of these treatments were officially recognised on the other side of the Atlantic. Two years later, the French health authority (HAS) published a report which echoed these findings.
In fact, you don’t even need to be feeling down to recognise that the sun is an excellent way of lifting spirits. And so light therapy became more widespread in modern society. Today spas and beauty institutes offer sessions under lights that reproduce the effects of natural daylight. This natural daylight is made up of all the colours of the rainbow, each corresponding to a wavelength that delivers different information to the brain. There is, for example, a wavelength that inhibits melatonin, a hormone that is usually secreted at the end of the day, hence its nickname “the sleep hormone”, since it lets our body know that it’s time for sleep.
Throughout the autumn and winter, light levels drop continuously. So our bodies secrete more melatonin. And sometimes we get drowsy during the day. And it’s grey outside. We lack the energy and drive that are often associated with yellow.
The symbolism of this primary colour is strong. Of course, since it really catches the eye. And warms the heart. It radiates.
Fashion generally incorporates yellow as a detail colour. Launched in 2015, the very first klokers watch featured a central dot in this shade. This Klok-01 model has been re-released this autumn in its original version and as a limited series, combined with a #Togetherband bracelet, profits from the sales of which go to charitable organisations developing clean and solar energy solutions in countries with extreme poverty.
Text : Frédéric Martin-Bernard
Photo : Artem Sapegin
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