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Creating lasting bonds

28/10/2021 in Your time
In November klokers teamed up with British label #TOGETHERBAND which produces bracelets in the colours of the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals.
After all, we all know that when it comes to difficult projects, being part of a team is what matters. So, Cameron Saul and Olivier Wayman, founders of the ecoresponsible brand Bottletop which has been making accessories from sustainable and recycled materials since 2002, came up with the idea of creating a second specific label #TOGETHERBAND to support UN actions aiming to make the world a better place.
Their fantastic initiative dates from five years ago, just after the 193 member-states of the global organisation set themselves 17 sustainable development objectives (GG for global goals) to end poverty, fight against inequality, slow global warming and preserve diversity... Personalities like Prince William, entrepreneur Bill Gates and lots of other committed celebrities from the world of art, music, cinema, fashion and design immediately joined the cause. But Cameron Saul and Olivier Wayman also wanted the general public to be able to wear these colours representing the challenges of everyday life via a #TOGETHERBAND bracelet, profits from the sales of which would be given entirely to charitable organisations working to achieve these UN global goals by 2030.
This jewellery has something of the holiday vibe about it and is available in 17 colours. It is made from 100% Parley Ocean Plastic - a material made from waste plastic collected in our seas and oceans and on the coast and beaches of the four corners of the world by the company Parley which fights against marine pollution. The clasp is stainless steel - Humanium metal - which comes from the
recycling of illegal weapons seized and destroyed by the local authorities in Central America. In addition, the two components of these bands are assembled by Nepali artisans whose working conditions and remuneration are strictly controlled... And then each band is packaged and shipped in paper that has already been reincarnated several times in order to preserve our beautiful mother earth.
Every action counts in any charitable project, and so today klokers is proud to be doing its bit by launching a limited series of its original Klok-01 D1 watch adorned with a sunny yellow press button and a matching #TOGETHERBAND bracelet in the same colour which corresponds to UN Global Goal 7 for the development of clean, accessible and sustainable energy.
And because it’s important to unite around these subjects that affect the future of the planet and its children, klokers is replicating the #TOGETHERBAND principle of delivering not just one bracelet, but two bracelets with the watch. This means you can give the second one to someone close to you, thereby spreading the word and passing on the message in a global relay of support for this important cause.
Text : Frédéric Martin-Bernard
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