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Klokers - A new chapter begins

04/05/2020 in Klokers
The concept of timepieces featuring dials which turn in a counter-clockwise direction, the opposite of a traditional watch, was one so rare that it should neither be forgotten, nor disappear.
In 2013, Nicolas Boutherin launched this very watchmaking concept under the Klokers brand name. On paper, the idea was
« to allow the wearers to master time and express their uniqueness in an increasingly formalized society.»
This French entrepreneur, who had always been fascinated by the notion of time, both from a scientific, sociological and artistic viewpoint, also sought to bring something new to the watchmaking sector, which had seen very few major innovations for years or even centuries.

And so it was that the first Klokers watches definitely proved to be eye-catching. Things then moved very quickly for this young company from Annecy – from the 1500 fans who took part in its first crowdfunding campaign to the 300 stores which chose to stock its ground-breaking models and the numerous international awards recognising both the mechanism and the aesthetic aspects of its ultra-contemporary designs. From the very outset, this label effectively encompassed several fields: watchmaking, design and even fashion with its patented attachment system for the case, enabling the wearer to vary the straps and to wear them in line with his preferences at a particular moment. This unique idea of interchangeability is patented. 

The good news from Spring 2020 is that Nicolas Boutherin is now back and heading Klokers again. He is once again steering its creative destiny, bursting with energy and ready to start this new chapter in the company’s story. “I’ve got loads of sketchbooks full of ideas and projects which can now get underway again”, explains this company founder with a different approach to watchmaking, barely able to conceal his enthusiasm.
« I’m more inspired by tools used for measuring or observing time than by the instruments and dials on motorcycles and aircraft »
adds the man who plans to launch a new “non-classic” model each year, from 2021.
In the meantime, the Klok-01 watches and Klok-08 watches have been reissued with the clear aim of ensuring that the brand doesn’t rest on its laurels.
« We have reorganised our production to be able to propose ever more unique models »
continues Nicolas Boutherin, delighted to be taking the brand forward with a more upmarket positioning policy. Their mechanisms use components which have sometimes been developed outside the watchmaking industry. At the same time, they are now assembled by a traditional Swiss manufacturer (Klokers watches are Swiss Made) impressed by these watches, which are so different from the others in every aspect.
Text: Frédéric Martin-Bernard
Photos credits: klokers 
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