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21/12/2020 in Klokers
Should we express the usual litany of good wishes for the year once more: success, money and other generalities that form a condensed version of good intentions and pious vows, when in fact we have just been through a year that can only be described as .... actually we’re struggling to find the right word to describe it. 2021 will be the year ... that it chooses to be in the end!
We could have gone for words such as “fantastical”, “bizarre”, “iconoclastic”, “complex” or even “paradoxical”, or perhaps more klokeresque... words used in Ancient Greece by Zeno of Elea who sought to demonstrate the absurd consequences resulting from the Pythagoreans’ attempts to carve up movement or time.
There’s simply no getting around the fact that one word just isn’t enough to describe the last year!
We could also have expounded on the size of champagne bubbles, bubbles created by carbonic gas and distributed over the walls of the glass, which, it should be understood, are nothing to do with imperfections on the surface of the glass as was initially thought to be the case, but rather with impurities attached to the glass. Impurities that come from cellulose particles in the air or from the cloth used to wipe the glasses.
And to continue, when the bubble arrives at the surface, and I should add that there are more than 10 million bubbles (on average in a glass of champagne), they explode, projecting molecules which stimulate the senses of the champagne drinker.
We cannot conclude without mentioning that research suggests that smaller bubbles are easier for somatosensory receptors to detect, and consequently make champagne a particularly popular drink.
... But unfortunately nobody has yet managed to control bubble size or how long it takes them to rise to the surface...
It seemed to me a lot easier to simply extend our very best wishes for the New Year and for 2021, which we hope will sparkle in every way.
Nicolas Boutherin, CEO & Art Director 
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