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What is your rhythm?

19/01/2021 in Your time
To get the rhythm into your soul. To live to the rhythm you want. To go through your natural rhythm. A cruising rhythm. To be in a good rhythm. The cardiac rhythm, the rhythm of a poem, the rhythm of life, the rhythm of time. In our lives, it is everywhere. So how does it impact our everyday life? In a fast-changing world, that may appear uncomfortable for some, could this rhythm have an effect on well-being ?

When looking at it in details and taking into account the numerous possible definitions, the notion of rhythm may be difficult to explain, or even undefinable. However, we can say that the rhythm, sometimes frenetic, sometimes slow, is always regular even in irregularity. From the Greek « rhytmos », which means regulated movement, the rhythm appoints an action, a tempo, a process or a phenomenon performed with a regular pace. It is the expression of a vibration with a pulse frequency, slow or fast. 

The Law of Attraction, described by Newton, and then reviewed by Einstein, states that, in the universe, eveything is made of energy and emits a frequency, which also emits a vibration. Our attitudes and thoughts, which are made of vibrations too, would have the capacity to act on our environment and would be able to «
attract permanently on us, whether we are aware of it or not, people and experiences that reflect our particular state of mind » (Slavica Bogdanoc, Handbook of exercices in order to practice the Law of Attraction). So what if we try to be positive in order to attract positive people? 

However, each rhythm is not compatible with each other. Edward T. Hall (The dance of life), in a more anthropological area, explains that differences of rhythm and vibrations could be sources of misunderstandings, prejudices and stereotypes between two people. Then, it becomes challenging to communicate and to get along with people who « do not speak the same vibration ». That is why it is important to find its own rythm, its own tempo and especially, to listen to it in a society that encourages us to do the very opposite.

Do you even know your own rhythm ?

Photo: Sebastiano Rizzardo on Pixabay  
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