Sponsorship Program

 klokers sponsorship is:

€20 offered for you + 20€ offered for your godchild

And because we think that your help need to be rewarded, the vouchers are cumulative!

I sponsor 1 friend, I get a €20 voucher
I sponsor 2 friends, I accumulate €40 in voucher 
I sponsor 3 friends, I accumulate €60 in voucher
I sponsor … Well, you got it ! ;-)

Another small example? With 6 godchildren, you will receive a €120 vouchers, which means the amount of a simple bracelet.



1. I access the sponsorship program in "MY ACCOUNT"- "SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM" (available after at least one order on klokers.com)

2. I sponsor my friends by entering as many email addresses I want (one email address can be used only once)

3. My godchildren receive an invitation to register and get a €20 voucher in the "REDUCTION COUPON" tab of their new account.

4. I receive a €20 voucher in the "REDUCTION COUPON" tab, 15 days after my godchild's order. I can accumulate up to 10 vouchers!


  • Can I accumulate my vouchers? Yes, you can accumulate up to 10 vouchers.

  • Can these vouchers be combined with other offers? Yes, we want to thank you for your support: so we must do the job properly! ;-)

  • Are these vouchers limited in time? No, they are not. You can use them whenever you want. 

  • Why haven’t I received my voucher whereas my godchild has placed an order? You will find your voucher 15 days after your godchild's order (if this order has not been cancelled in the meantime) in the « REDUCTION COUPON » tab of your account.

  • How do I know who has accepted my invitation? You will find all this information in the "SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM" tab of your account (friends on hold, friends already sponsored…)

  • It seems that one of my contacts didn't receive the email… First make sure that the email address associated to the contact does not contain any error. If not, do not hesitate to contact him/her again through this feature available in the sponsorship tab.

  • I already have an account but I have never ordered yet. Can I still benefit from the sponsorship program? If you want to sponsor someone, you have to place an order first, so that the sponsorship program would be available in your customer account. If you want to become godchild and that you have already created an account without placing an order, you have to create an other account as the program only works for new accounts.

  • I am a godchild: once my account created, where do I find my discount voucher? You will receive an email with your discount voucher. You will also find it directly in your account in the "REDUCTION COUPON » tab. Just paste the code in your basket.

  • Will my godchild get a €20 discount on all his/her future orders? This discount voucher can be used only once. However your godchild can also become a sponsor after his/her first order. 

  • I have participated in your Kickstarter campaign and so I have not ordered from your website. Can I still benefit from the sponsorship program? The easiest way is to ask one of your friends who has already ordered to sponsor you. You can otherwise send an email to Rachel at rachel@klokers.com ;-)