klokers' interchangeable straps

The klokers’ straps differ in terms of colors and materials to bring a unique style to your watch.
All these straps are interchangeable thanks to the patented integrated fixing system: the klokers key. You can then easily clip on and off the watch-heads and create the mix you want.watch-heads and create the mix you want.

KLINK-01: the simple strap

KLINK-01 is a 22mm-wide interchangeable strap which slims down to the end for a slender design which enhances the dial. The length of the strap is 230mm which is a unique size that suits wrist diameters from 15.5 to 20.5cm.

The KLINK-01 strap is available in 6 colors. There are two blacks: black satin strap with black stitching and black matte strap with gray stitching.
The other colors available are indigo blue with blue stitching, chocolate brown with beige stitching, sand gray alcantara with gray stitching and yellow Newport with gray stitching.
These straps are made from genuine leather (matte black, satin black, yellow Newport, indigo blue), and Alcantara (sand gray).

interchangeable watch strap


KLINK-02: the double strap

The double strap brings a more asserted style to your wrist. As single strap KLINK-01, the double strap KLINK-02 slims down to the end. Four colors are available: matte black with gray stitching, indigo blue with blue stitching, orange with gray stitching, and sand gray Alcantara with gray stitching. Two sizes are available to best suit the wrist of its owner: size S (380 mm x 20 mm) and size M (420 mm x 22 mm).
As far as materials are concerned, this bracelet comes in genuine leather (matte black, indigo blue, orange) and Alcantara (sand gray). Its pin buckle is made from 316L stainless steel, as the klokers' key is.

original watch bracelet


KLINK-03: the textile strap

With its straight cut and nylon material, this interchangeable strap brings a more casual style to the klokers collection. The textile strap is available in black, lichen green and gray. These dimensions of 230 mm x 22 mm (without the buckle) suit wrists from 15.5 cm to 20.5 cm. Its pin buckle and integrated klokers key are made of 316L stainless steel.

textile watch bracelet

KLINK-04: the straight strap

As the name suggests, this interchangeable strap has a straight cut for a more modern style. Its dimensions of 230 mm x 22 mm (without the buckle) will suit wrists from 15.5 to 20cm. Its pin buckle and integrated klokers key are made of 316L stainless steel.
The strap KLINK-04 is available in four colors: caramel with caramel stitching, gray alcantara mouse with gray stitching, vintage blue with blue stitching, greige with beige stitching. These bracelets come in different materials depending on the color: leather (raw and caramel), PU (vintage blue), alcantara (gray mouse).

original watch bracelet

KLINK-05: the mesh strap

New in the collection, the Milanese mesh strap brings a whole new style to our watch heads. Made of stainless steel, this interchangeable strap measures 230 mm (without the buckle) x 20mm. Its adjustable stainless-steel buckle allows it to suit wrists from 15 to 22.5 cm (see video). We also find in this model, the key klokers stainless steel in the center of the bracelet.

man and woman original watch bracelet