klokers modernizes the pocket watch by working with the italian leather goods company Il Bussetto.

The two companies, klokers and Il Bussetto, have worked hand in hand on the realization of a leather case to protect and carry the klokers’ watch-heads with elegance, restyling the watch pocket and modernizing its use. This case is compatible with all the klokers’ watch-heads.

The modernity of use meets the tradition of leather, a noble material par excellence.

Italian workshop Il Bussetto uses a unique and special craft technique to work Tuscan leather. This distinctive method allows the production of small leather goods molded on wooden forms and devoid of any seams nor visible construction lines. The case is available in a cappuccino color that will acquire a nice patina over the time.

2 ways to wear your pocket watch: with the KLIP or the elegant and thin double strap KWEL (attached on a pocket, a bag, a belt...)