The new watch KLOK-08 black dial

KLOK-08 is definitively crossgender and immediately seduced both women and men with its 39-mm diameter and neo retro design. This new watch head extends the product offering and, as like all other products of the collection, it clips on and off on straps and accessories through a patented and unique system which makes all product compatible and interchangeable.

Like the signature of the brand, this new model introduces a new way of telling time.  The dial is composed of two disks: one disk for hours and minutes, and one for seconds. The disks turn counter-clockwise to indicate the time on a vertical line at the top of the dial. 


This best-seller had been extraordinarily successful on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.  Pre-ordered by more than 2000 people worldwide, this watch had reached 600 % of the funding goal. 


klokers uses state-of-the-art and innovative technologies to develop its KLOK-08 and brand concept. The fixing system and time display are both patented, and the assembly architecture allows a Swiss Made product at an affordable price. The high technology components are adapted through extensive research and development to meet the requirements for the KLOK-08. An integrated lens in the triple injected dial glass ensures high legibility  when reading the time. The non-conventional and proprietary assembly process required an overall investment of €1 million.