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Three rotating concentric rings -hours, minutes, and seconds- rotate at different speeds counterclockwise to display time along a vertical line (patent-pending).

Three rotating concentric rings -hours, minutes, and seconds- rotate at different speeds counterclockwise to display time along a vertical line (patent-pending).

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Tokyo, 7.30 am. As she does every morning, schoolteacher Kurimi is waiting for the subway to get to the district of Shibuya. Headphones in her ears and coffee in her hand, she knows that she made the right choice: her yellow KLOK-01 goes well with her chic yet casual black dress. The counter-clockwise movement of KLOK-01 makes it unique, revealing a discreet nonconformism.


KLOK-01 is inspired by the circular slide rule, a once ubiquitous calculating instrument. A slide rule is a mechanical analog computer usually comprising three scales, one of which slides between the other two. In a similar way, the dial of KLOK-01 is composed of three circular disks — one each for the hours, minutes and seconds — which rotate at different speeds to slide past each other. Beauty of this temporal object is in its elegant display of time and its counter-clockwise movement. 


With a single motion, change the klokers’ accessories through the patented fixing system: the klokers key.  Clip off your watch-head  and choose for example the Desk&Pocket attachment or the double bracelet.  Match your watch and bracelet to your style and trends, and complete your wardrobe perfectly!


KLOK-01 offers a wide choice of colors and possible combinations. The dial is available in three colors: yellow, gray, and blue. The bracelets are available in seven colors: satin black, matte black, indigo blue, brown, yellow Newport, orange alcantara, and gray alcantara. Wear it as you want: with or without watch-head. By creating your combination, you are offered the possibility to assert your singularity.


The beauty of this timepiece lies in its elegant and efficient display. At first, the display seems sophisticated yet, on further inspection, its ingenious simplicity becomes apparent. 
The KLOK-01 display is a graphical representation of a slide rule using three rotating concentric rings to display the time along a vertical line. The rings — one each for hours, minutes, and seconds — rotate at different speeds, making the whole dial a symphony of motion. 
An integrated magnifying lens in the crystal ensures high legibility when reading the time.



-Three concentric discs turn to show the time along a red vertical axis. 


-The klokers key: a pushbutton at 8 o'clock to unlock the watch head from its base
-Material: metal-polymer composite 
-Dimensions: 44 mm wide x 11.5 mm deep
-Water tightness: Water Resistant
-Glass: transparent polymer with built-in magnifying lens


- Swiss Made
- Driven by a high-tech Ronda movement (high precision Quartz movement), 1,55 V battery
- Displaying the rotary discs is made possible thanks to the use of extremely energy efficient movement


Two-year warranty against all production defects


- Width: 22 mm
- Length: 245 mm
-Strap material: real leather, polyester; other materials are currently being considered (fabric, rubber, mix of materials)
-Colours available in 2016: matte black, satin black leather, brown leather, indigo leather, orange alcantara, grey alcantara and Newport yellow leather*.
- Pin buckle material: stainless steel; engraved buckle.

*Warning: due to color differences between computer screens, we cannot guarantee your screen shows actual colors.

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