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Many watch brands, some of them little known, have brought a new approach and dial design to the watchmaking world, far beyond the traditional hands. klokers head off the beaten path offering singular and outstanding watches in terms of design and functionality.


One of the great differences of klokers lies in its original representation of time: displaying time in an unconventional way, without resorting to traditional watch complications.
klokers appeals to our memories and personal emotions. Each item is inspired by objects from the past, whose emblematic uses are still there buried away in the collective subconscious. And so it is that KLOK-01 brings to mind the circular slide rule, once used in mathematics. klokers timepieces are neither vintage nor retro but part of a transverse reality. They offer a means to travel between yesterday and tomorrow, being resolutely focused on the future. This process of design is called « transitive design » which allows to develop a watch from another object.
In KLOK-01’s dial, three concentric discs turn anticlockwise to show the time along a vertical axis at noon. By movement and spectacle of time passing in the dial, klokers invites each one of us to reconsider the value of time.
klokers wants to offer non only original watches but also quality watches. That is why the klokers’ watches are certified « Swiss Made », known worldwide label as a real reference.
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The second characteristic of the brand lies in the multitude of combinations that can be created with the products in the collection.
The second characteristic of the brand lies in its unique fixing system which makes all the brand’s products independent, compatible and interchangeable offering the freedom to create one’s combination from a wide range of compatible products.
The watch-heads are attached to the straps and accessories by means of a patented fixing system -the klokers’ key- which opens up the door of the klokers’ universe : a full range of interchangeable products to create your on style and live your own time. The combinations –of watch-heads, straps, accessories, matierials, colors, etc. – and uses are virtually endless.
By dissociating the watch head from the strap, klokers does much more than only transgressing the codes of traditional watchmaking: klokers proclaims loudly and clearly that it offers watches like no others… While traditional watches are exclusively worn around the wrist, klokers head off the beaten path: they go from the wrist to the notebook, from the jacket pocket to the pants pocket, from the bag to the desk… A childs play to mix uses and colors!
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