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Klokers was born out of encounters. Encounters with people, ideas, values. A way of looking at things differently and a willingness to give pride of place to today's people. 

Klokers is aimed at those who play with the dictates of our times: free thinkers, creative people, men and women who have chosen their lifestyles, who accept to embody culture, innovation, change and freedom.

The brand's watchword is singularity. klokers invites you to go beyond conventions, to free yourself from them and to affirm your personality by finding your own rhythm.

Above and beyond a unique and recognisable design, klokers makes propositions around physiological well-being and new watchmaking mechanisms in order to reconcile organisational and biological time.


Contrary to watchmaking tradition, in which time only expresses itself through performance, sometimes ostentation and often convention, klokers proposes that you choose your temporality, that you "play with your time and your environment".

« Without taking ourselves too seriously and doing things with pleasure and humility, we push the notion of fashion and watchmaking further; we talk about a way of life, a philosophy.

Beyond demanding design and cutting-edge technologies, we question a relationship with a society that runs at 100 miles an hour, that sometimes tramples people underfoot, and forgets what’s essential. »
Nicolas Boutherin
CEO & Artistic Director