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In production, the major challenge lay in the need to design watches without making watches.

klokers develops and manages a network of excellent subcontractors and suppliers from the watchmaking sector, but also from other sectors such as plastics, aeronautics, eyewear, leather goods, telephony, etc.

This alchemy of skills helps to create the value of klokers products and to contain the secret of their manufacture. This network is international, based in Switzerland, but also draws on the know-how of historical watchmaking areas in Europe and around the world.

Mercier factory in the Jura watchmaking region

klokers watches are the subject of several patents:

  • The fixing system (WIPO patent) Patent reference: WO 2016/001598
    The first singularity is the fixing system that makes all klokers products interchangeable. It is made possible by combining two precision-engineered parts that guarantee that the watch-heads are securely fastened to their bracelets and accessories.
  • Time display (WIPO patent). Patent reference: WO 2017/042456
    The time display with discs is the second major innovation of klokers. The technical tour de force of the dial discs lies in the materials and manufacturing techniques employed, as well as the quartz mechanism that moves the non-standard mechanical parts.
  • Lightweight disc (WIPO patent). Patent reference: WO 2019/076924A1
    This innovation concerns the analogue display device comprising one or more coplanar lightweight discs.
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