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SWISS MADE watches and SWISS MADE label

The "Swiss Made" label is now the only true reference in the field of watchmaking, and ensures the presence of Swiss know-how in the making of the watch. This label reflects a quality requirement from a technical and aesthetic point of view. At present, it is a federal ordinance that sets the conditions for a watch to bear the Swiss Made label.


The ordinance of the Swiss Federal Council of August 28, 1992 defines a specification in which is listed a number of technical requirements to obtain the designation "Swiss Made".
In 2007, the Federation of the Swiss Watch industry took action to protect the « Swiss Made » indication by amending the ordinance regulating the use of the name « Swiss » for watches.
The purpose of this initiative is to guarantee the credibility of the "Swiss" label and other geographical indications, to guarantee the satisfaction of the consumer by ensuring a certain quality requirement for the labeled product and to preserve the reputation of the Swiss watchmaking tradition. All this, in order to prevent abuse.
The main change brought about by the reinforcement consists in specifying a criterion of minimum value on the watch and not only on the movement. Thus, to be stamped « Swiss made », a watch must now meet the requirement of 60% minimum Swiss value.
Previous requirements such as the incorporation of a Swiss movement, casing and final control in Switzerland are maintained. However, the definition of the Swiss movement also goes to 60% minimum Swiss value (against 50% previously).
The revision of the « Swiss made » ordinance for watches came into force on January 1, 2017.
A watch is to be regarded as a Swiss watch if:
• its technical development has taken place in Switzerland
• its movement has been cased up in Switzerland
• final inspection by the manufacturer took place in Switzerland and
• at least 60% of the manufacturing costs is generated in Switzerland
To be regarded as a Swiss movement, the movement must have undergone technical development in Switzerland, be inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland and at least 60% of the manufacturing costs be generated in Switzerland).
Its manufacture must also be Swiss for at least 50% of the value of all the constituent parts (excluding the cost of assembly).
You can find more details and definitions on the official website of the Swiss Watch industry.


Halfway between fashion and watchmaking, Swiss Made and French touch, klokers thinks outside the box, beyond codes and conventions. klokers offers watches. But also much more than that.
Drawn in France by our designer, klokers watches are then assembled and controlled in Switzerland. klokers has chosen to organize its production to meet the requirements of the "Swiss Made" certification which is an internationally renowned label that guarantee a high level of quality for the watch enthusiasts.
The challenge is even greater than klokers watches offer innovative time stagings that imply the implementation of specific mechanisms to ensure the proper functioning of the watch.
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