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tag : time

Le temps de l’amour – Time for loving

In the autumn of 1962, Françoise Hardy sang "C’est le temps de l’amour "(It’s the time for loving) to music by Jacques Dutronc, with whom she wasn’t yet romantically involved.
The song featured on the album Tous les garçons et les filles which shot this young French woman, who was quickly described as a new "idol" by the press, to fame. 

The colour of time running out

It’s never long before the traffic lights swing back around from green to red and bring traffic to a halt. Below, wannabe race cars rev their engines into the red. Racing past, a scarlet fire engine roars as it tears through the streets. Uniting urgency and emergency, the colour red compounds all the ways that time pressures us and our daily lives.  

« Happenstance »: being in the right place at the right time

Take the words -happen- and -circumstances-, and you have « happenstance ». Or the art of being in the right place at the right time.  It would seem intuition and chance are at the crossroads

I want a watch

With the arrival of the pandemic in mid-March, time suddenly stood still. Was it a Tuesday, maybe a Wednesday...? I’m not sure any more. Days ran into one another and all were now the same, seven days a week including the weekend. With the curtains drawn, it was often our body clocks which kept us in line for the first few days. 

The impermanence of things

Everything comes to an end: a difficult day, a pleasant day, a song, a feeling, a dinner at the restaurant, a blog post, a trip, a heartache.
The impermanence of things, which is a key-concept of Buddhism and ancient philosophy, largely covered in the arts and literature, makes a flower fade, an anger go away, a baby be born.

Klokers - A new chapter begins

The concept of timepieces featuring dials which turn in a counter-clockwise direction, the opposite of a traditional watch, was one so rare that it should neither be forgotten, nor disappear.