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Between watchmaking, fashion and design, between Swiss precision and French design, klokers is forging a new path, against the codes, and beyond conventions.

The unique and patented fixing system, which makes all klokers products independent, compatible and interchangeable, gives everyone the freedom to create and choose their own look and life scenarios.

By dissociating the watch head from the bracelet, klokers does much more than transgress the codes of traditional watchmaking: klokers loudly proclaims that it offers watches that are truly unlike any other... While classic watches are worn exclusively on the wrist, klokers take the side paths: they travel from wrist to notebook, from jacket pocket to trouser pocket, from bag to desk, and so on. It's child's play to vary the uses and mix the colours.

klokers proposes, suggests, accompanies but does not impose anything.


Learn more about interchangeable straps

Learn more about interchangeable straps.

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