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A watch’s intrinsic value is always derived from the sum of the emotions it generates
and whenever we see a Klokers watch worn by an elegant wearer
we never think for a moment about its interior design.
From this, the most realistic demonstration of the components of a Klokers watch, 
made from machined stainless steel
tri-injected polymer glass
metal discs created using precise chemical attack processes, 
steel pins and brass cogs to improve the friction coefficient, 
not to mention the registered trademarks and mass reduction calculations for the dial 
 to allow the Swiss-Made anticlockwise movement to complete its rotation correctly, 
or International Design Awards received by Klokers models...
We could go on forever with this reassuring list of high-tech watchmaking technology and skills.
But at Klokers, we prefer to talk about the weather and allow the harmonious simplicity of our watches to do all the talking for us
because that’s where their essential quality lies.

Homethis is no watch