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Our brand, “klokers®”, strives each day to bring you complete satisfaction, by delivering high-quality products, the warranty lasts 24 months. 
Product bought after March 23 on the website have a 2 years warranty. 

Specific cases for watches purchased on the site of the former KLOKERS company :

Products purchased before March 2023. We do not garantee the watches
KLOKERS SÀRL, new owner of the “klokers®” brand since March 2023, is not responsible for the previous commitments of the former KLOKERS company (KINAÖÖK).
The Warranty covers manufacturing defects and extends to the motion function. If something unexpected and irreparable happens during the 24, the “klokers®” brand will replace your watch.
Beyond this Guarantee period, we will consider each situation presented to us on a case-by-case basis.

Following types of damage are excluded from the guarantee:
  • Normal wear and tear and ageing of the Product.
  • Non-compliant fitting or assembly with unsuitable Products.
  • Damage resulting from maintenance, repairs or disassembly not carried out by an after-sales service centre approved by Klokers.
  • Improper use, ill-treatment, abuse, negligence, carelessness (deterioration caused by the use of Products in abusive conditions such as violent shocks, crushing, rough handling of the clasp, etc.).
  • Straps (leather, fabric, rubber, etc,) as well as batteries.
  • Delivery and transport
  • Each watch having an impact or trace of shock on the glass or on the watch-case.

Conditions of after-sales service for products under warranty

We reserve the right to refuse the request to accept your non-compliant items if we believe that the warranty conditions are not respected.

The following are considered to be non-compliant: products damaged at the time of receipt, products that do not correspond to the order, or if a manufacturing defect is found in accordance with the warranty and within the warranty periods associated with the product in question. Please note that items damaged due to abnormal use will not be considered defective.
To request after-sales support, contact clientcare@klokers.com, specifying:
  • Number and date of the order
  • Name/reference of the product concerned
  • Desired replacement product
In return, we will send you a merchandise return number and tell you how to proceed.

Please do not send your watch or accessories until you have received instructions from us.
IMPORTANT : For shipments of after-sales products from international zone (out of Europe)
When shipping, you must specify to the carrier that this is a TEMPORARY EXPORT FOR REPAIR.
If not, customs charges will apply: the Kinaook company cannot accept customs charges incurred when returning items, and the package will be returned to you.

Under the warranty, we offer to repair or replace defective items to the extent possible. If the item cannot be replaced or repaired and if the same item is no longer available, you can then receive a full refund.